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For you, as customer, modern and cared-for material is highly important, which is why we keep our fleet up to date, and continuously adapt to the latest specifications. Working safe is mandatory at CLT Europe, having the right certified safety gear and strapping material is a standard procedure. All trailers are equipped with heavy-duty rings and multilock systems to strap the cargo safe. All our trailers are equipped with plug-in posts for steel stanchions to transport Tubes safely. 


Multifunctional Fleet

Innovating and having the right, flexible equipment is a must, to carry out oversized cargo we have extendible Curtainsiders, which can extend up to 3000 mm wide to transport cargo covered to your customer. Handling containers, steel plates up to 2500 mm wide can be transported easily in our multifunctional material.


Internal dimensions

-         Length   1,360 cm

-         Width       247 cm

-         Height      260 cm



-         Slidingroof, can be opened from front to back also

-         Coil 

-         180 cm long tube cones

-         Certified lashing straps with Ergo ratchets

-         Certified tensioning chains

-         § 70 inspected

-         Lifting axles front and rear

-         TIR lines

-         Ramps


Maximum permissible tonnages

-         NL     30 Tonnes

-         BE     27 Tonnes

-         DE     25 Tonnes

-         FR     25 Tonnes

-         ES     25 Tonnes

-         PT     25 Tonnes


GPS tracking system

We use GPS Buddy tracking systems, in order to be able to follow our vehicles real-time.